Friday, January 7, 2011

Guest Post: Mommie Cooks

I am sad to say that my vacation, and my guest bloggers, are soon coming to an end.

We leave El Paso tomorrow morning to make the 2 day drive back home.

Luckily, I have absolutely fabulous friends who have been kind enough to help me out through this time.

Julie is my next to last guest blogger. Sad!

I found Julie from Mommie Cooks when I joined the Daring Bakers. Not only did I see her there, I also was directed to her blog when another blogger was guest posting for her.

I think it's kind of funny that I 'met' Julie when she was on vacation. She had a bunch of bloggers guest posting for her during her time away.

I am slightly shamed to say that I started commenting on her blog because she was having a contest through the comments left during her vacation.

However, I became so enamored with her vacation stories and her writing style that I soon forgot she was even having a contest. I was just commenting and anxiously awaiting her return to her blog.

Julie and I have been conversing through our blogs, emails and twitter ever since and I have never looked back.

This lady is extremely high on my list of people I would love to meet one day. She is genuine, caring, sweet and full of creative recipes (several of which I've made and they have all been awesome!).

If you don't know Julie yet, I INSIST that you head over to her blog to see what her and her boys are cooking up now. But check out this post first because I am SUPER excited about the recipe she's sharing with us today. This one makes me think of Harry Potter above anything else.

Thanks for helping out Julie!

Maranda is one of those rare people that, when you meet her, you know you’ve found someone special.   She and I stumbled across one another’s blogs a few months back.  Aside from the fact that each recipe she posts is more mouthwatering than the next (I’m still drooling over that King Ranch Chicken “esque” recipe she posted a month or so back), her writing brings across a kindness that welcomes you in and makes you want to get to know her better.   And once you do, you instantly know you’ve found a friend for life.

That’s why when she asked me to guest post over at her place for the day; I quickly jumped at the chance.  So here goes nothing.  Let me present Hot Buttered Rum.  This stuff is good.  Real good.  And the best part about it is that the batter is non-alcoholic.  You add rum after the fact, so kiddos can have a virgin version and participate in festivities right along with the adults.

To whip up a cup of this tasty hot drink, you’ll need to head over to your fridge/freezer and scrounge up the following cast of characters:

2 Sticks of Butter
(yea, not sure where they went but you’ll need them.  Trust me on this one.)
1 Cup of Confectioners Sugar
½ Cup of Brown Sugar
½ Cup of White Sugar
1 tsp of Vanilla
½ tsp of Nutmeg
2 Cups of Ice Cream, Softened

First up, you’ll cream together the butter and your three sugars.

When it’s good and mixed together, add in the vanilla and nutmeg.   Last but not least, add in your softened ice cream and stir it to combine.

Mmmm.  Now doesn’t that look good? 

Your batter can be stored in the freezer.  When you’re ready to serve up a mug of yumminess, you’ll simply place a heaping tablespoon or two of the mixture in a mug, fill it with hot water and a jigger of rum (you’ll leave the rum out for virgin), stir well, sprinkle a little nutmeg on top and prepare to be warmed from the inside out.  Look out hot coca, you’ve got competition.

Thanks again Maranda for allowing me to spend a day over at your blog!
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