Wednesday, March 3, 2010

O and I went on a date night on Friday. It was really nice. We started at BJ's where we had some beer and decent food. I realized when my meal came and I took the first bite that I am becoming a bit of a foodie. I was incredibly disappointed in the meal that I once thought was amazing. It was bland and I sat there telling O everything I could do to make the food better. Some simple salt and pepper increased the taste by a long shot even! Oh well. After dinner we went to Mavericks to hang out with O's aunt and uncle and watch a cover band. We had a great time and ended up rolling in at around 4am.

The next day O had to go to the storage unit and try to uncover the boxes of his clothes so he could have something to wear. While he was gone I decided to make a cake! I'm actually really excited about how it turned out. I wanted to do something to commemorate the Race for the Cure we did this year so I made my own stencil then decorated a cake!

I'm so excited with the way it turned out! It was a white cake with strawberry filling and buttercream frosting. We actually haven't cut into it yet because it is too pretty.

Other than that...O left for NY this morning. And in true Manna and Otty fashion the alarm was set for Monday-Friday so of course it didn't go off this morning and O's dad woke us up an hour late. Therefore, we had to run around and rush and it was just crazy. But that tends to be how we (unintentionally) roll. LOL!

Okay...I'm off to watch Julie & Julia....again!

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