Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm sitting here at Wendy's house and I feel incredibly bored and lonely. But I also feel very....zoney??? Focusing on anything is not really an option right now so I'm not going to get any of my new book read. Oh well. I guess I'll write some, mostly random, stuff.

Today was a gorgeous day out!

Lily woke up WAY too early.

Tried to do the P90x yoga DVD today and it was a major FAIL! Pretty much got through 15 minutes and was done. My shoulder started hurting and they were in this intense sequence and most of the "rest" poses are the downward dog. Oh well. I'll work up to it for sure.

I'm feeling rather dejected these last few hours. I'm ready to move. I'm ready to have a home. I'm tired of waiting.

I'm excited about heading to NY on Tuesday though. I can't wait to see O! I think I miss him more right now than I did at any point during the deployment. Lily and I went over the calendar the other day and I showed her where her birthday is and put a big star on it. I told her that's the day daddy will be back and we are crossing off days every evening so she can have something visual to show the passing of days. What does 'next month' mean to a 2 year old?? Well, I guess I should say 3 year old since she'll be 3 in about a month and a half. Crazy.

After my failed workout, Lily and I headed to the East side to get my MIL. We had a dance party in the car on the way over. Lily kept asking "what's that song" and even started singing to Technologic by Daft Punk. She's a pretty awesome kid. When we grabbed grandma we went to Michael's where I spent WAY too much on cake stuff. My MIL had bought me a $100 gift card to Michael's for xmas and I still had $36 on it. I also had a 50% off coupon so I got my $65 cake tool caddy for free! I'm so excited!! I did have to buy some more stuff because I'm making an Up themed cake for the Oscar party on Sunday. I have a vision in my head of how it's going to look and I found the stuff to (hopefully) make that happen. The only question now is what type of cake am I going to make??? And, do I want to make a cake from scratch or work with the boxed stuff? I want to start making cakes from scratch, but is this the time? If it turns out okay (I guess even if it doesn't) I'll post pix.

Speaking of pix...later I went to Best Buy and started looking at cameras. I found and awesome little 14.1 megapixel Nikon that has a 10x zoom. It was $300 though. A bit more than I was hoping to spend. :-( Maybe I'll look on Amazon.

I also started thinking about Lily's birthday cake I'm going to make. I think I'm going to do Tinkerbell. She loves Tinkerbell. I have a vision...again. I just hope I can make it happen. I'll probably do a test run first to make sure it turns out okay. I'll just have to find someone to give the cake to. Maybe my in-laws church or something. We'll see. Let's see how Sunday's cake goes.

I tried my first lentil soup today and it was amazing! My MIL made it and I totally need the recipe. I had two helpings with a few corn tortillas and it was pretty much heaven. Although, I need dessert! I'm obsessed with pineapple sherbet with apricot/mango/orange fruit preserves on top. Yum...okay. Need that now.

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