Monday, June 21, 2010

We Interrupt This Broadcast.

I know I've been kind of MIA lately. Or at least that's how I feel. I've been here...I've just been distracted.

I talked a bit before about posting some fitness DVD reviews and I like to do book reviews as well. Well...I decided that I didn't like how cluttered this blog was becoming. I have so many interests and so many ideas and I like that this is a cooking/food blog. So, to keep the integrity of this blog while being able to explore my other thoughts and talk about things going on in my life, I created another blog! If you are interested in things like fitness and books and head over there and give it a look. If not, you can hang out here and know that I'm still going to be sharing my love of food and different recipes with you all.

Okay. Now that that's out of the way. Let's talk about an awesome blog (Life is Still Sweet) I discovered a while back. The author of this blog, Sarah, is a pretty awesome chica who enjoys things like fresh foods, foodbuzz gadgets, and food magazine subscriptions! Each month she hosts a magazine subscription justification and she's looking for people to play along. So if you have made any meals from a food magazine lately, jump over to her blog and play along!!

And finally...I wanted to share that I finished the Wilton Cake Decorating Course 2!! They recently (this month actually) changed the courses and course 2 is no longer the same. But here's the cake I made in my last class. I'm pretty thrilled with it.

I know that's a lot of pictures but I wanted to show every angle. I'm really happy with it and am so glad I took the class! Now I want to do all the new classes as well!

Okay. Thanks for listening and now we can go back to our regularly scheduled program!
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