Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Cup Runneth Over With Substance (Apparently)

The other day, on my other blog, I received this award. I was pretty humbled by this award because that blog is not even a month old and I'm already receiving awards! What?!?!? That's crazy! But awesome! I'll take it!!

So I followed the rules and I awarded it out to some other blogs I know of that I think are pretty awesome. I usually try to keep that blog and this blog separate so my favorite blogs over here were kind of ignored by this award. Until...the award found it's way back here to Jolts & Jollies! That's right folks, Jolts & Jollies has been deemed a Blog of Substance by my dear friend Emily over at Scatterbrained Wife of a Soldier!

I never expected this award to make it's way over here but I'm happy it did so I can award some of my favorite foodie type blogs with this awesome award as well. Though I am also throwing some other types of blogs in here as well since they comment more over here than over there.

Yes, I do have to pass on the bloggy love. There are rules with accepting an award and here they are:

The Rules:
~ Thank the blogger who awarded it to you.
~ Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using five words.
~ Pass it on to 10 other blogs which you feel have real substance.

My blogging philosophy in 5 words or less: Great food and great fun! (this one is different from my philosophy on the other blog since they are different types)

Ten other blogs that I believe have substance:

In no particular order:

Life is Still Sweet
Lick the Bowl Good
In the Military and On the Move
I am Baker
Bake at 350
Within a Mile of Home
3 B's...Baseball, Baking, and Books
Willow Bird Baking
Pink Little Cake
Almost Bourdain

This was a really difficult award to give out because there are so many amazing blogs out there that I think are full of substance! Maybe one day I'll win another one but I hope all the blogs I love will receive some bloggy award love because it's a great feeling! 

Thanks again Emily for awarding Jolts & Jollies such a great award!!
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