Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Scentsy, cake truffles, and more...

My friend Wendy hosted a Scentsy party. So naturally, there being an event and all, I decided I would make a cake. I had posted that I was going to make a Banana Bourbon layer cake but I decided I wanted to try something a little more "advanced" with cake decorating instead. I decided to try my hand at Bakerella's cake truffle ball gift box for the party. I had saved scraps from my Up cake and the St. Patrick's Day Chocolate Stout Cake. I also bought a box mix of red velvet cake and ended up making two little cakes with a bunch of cake truffle balls. They are a lot harder than they look and some are pretty ugly but I'm happy with my first attempt at this gorgeous cake idea.

This was the second cake I made, after getting all the kinks out. Although, I tore the fondant when I tried to stuff the top with too many truffles.

My sad little first, trial and error cake.

That's a lot of cake! (sorry about the crappy pix quality)

Truffles were covered with either a vanilla candy or milk chocolate coating. Toppings were candy sprinkles, coconut flakes, and praline crunch. Delicious!

Now for the random kid pix:

Lily butt "smiling" for the camera!

Her friends show up in the most random places.

She told me "thank you" after I took this pix.

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