Friday, October 14, 2011

Zombie Doll Cake

Last weekend was my Niecelet's 2 year birthday.

My Niece was gracious enough to let me decorate the cake for the party.

When I heard the theme, I was even more excited to do this cake.

We made a Zombie Doll cake!

These pictures definitely don't do the cake/dress j
ustice but trust was so pretty!

The gown itself was a deep purple. The "sash" was black and textured to look like feathers. The feathers had orange shimmer and the dress had orange polka dots.

I enjoyed making the cake. However, for some reason, a stray cat from the neighborhood decided to take that night to come sit outside my back door and cry the ENTIRE time. It took 4 people to get that cat out of my yard...and it just ended up coming back the next day to play with Little Butt.

The cake was a boxed butter pecan cake. And the frosting was a rum buttercream. I had never had a butter pecan cake but it tasted like a pancake.

So there you have it. That is my most recent decorated cake. I want to start posting these so I don't end up having to post a big cake decorating post like last time.
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