Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mommy's Little Monster turns 3!!!

April 13th was my little monster's third birthday! I can't believe how time flies (especially since this post is almost a month late). I feel like it was just yesterday that she was a baby...

Now she's this big kid who does things like get in a jumping balloon...

She opens her own presents...

She blows out her own candle now...

She has tea parties with friends...

She even goes to the theater to see movies in 3-D!

But...she is my little monster and I love her and would do anything for her. This includes making a 3-tiered Tinkerbell cake!

She may be a lot of hard work but at the end of the day I know that the time is passing too quickly and I just want to make it stop. Can you please be my baby forever??? Please!?!?!????


  1. Wow. Just.... wow. That cake is awesome! Your baby girl is pretty gorgeous too... those eyes! There is so much going on behind those eyes...

    Be blessed!

  2. Lily is making the same expression as you in the pictures where you are both looking at the cake on the table!

  3. Happy birthday to Lily! She is too cute in those 3D glasses. ha ha!

    I was wondering if you made that cake- you did such a great job and I'm sure she loved it!

  4. @Mz. Griz - You're right they do have the same expressions! Too cute :)


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