Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend 2010

Moving to a new area is always difficult. I had the realization a couple days ago that we have officially lived here for a month. Wow. A month. It seems like it's been a long time already but has flown by at the same time. When The Hubble came home Thursday and told me about a co-worker's son's birthday party on Saturday I was pretty excited to go.

The party would start with a tour at the local fire station. After the tour, the party posse would head to the guy's house and continue there. I figured if nothing else, Little Butt would get to meet some new kids and have a new and different experience.

So we went. Little Butt did get to meet some new friends. She got to look inside a fire station.

 Meet some real firemen.This one was showing her one of those heat viewer machines. I have no idea what the official term is but I like heat viewer machine thingy. I think it has a nice flow to it.

She got to see EMT and fire trucks. She even got to "drive" one of the firetrucks!

She tried on some fireman boots (though she wasn't extremely thrilled that I forced this photo op on her).

She got some nifty gifts...

And scored a cool hat!

We even got a chance to get a family photo taken! Woohoo!! 

She had a good time at the fire station. But next up was the party!! 

There were tons of toys to play with at the house. There was a huge pool with a slide, a jumpy balloon house with balls inside, and a swing set with yet another slide. When we first arrived Little Butt was extremely curious about all the toys...especially the pool.

She ventured into the pool and found that water sprayed down from the top of the slide.

Hmmmm...let's take a look...

Nope! I'm outta here!

So we checked out the swings.

Climbed up the playhouse.

Thought about sliding...

Then thought better of it!

Mommy get me down!

Then we tried jumping...

But that got tiring.

Let's try this pool thing again...

Okay...not too bad...

Balls are fun...and safe...this is pretty cool...

On second thought...this is AWESOME!!!!!!

And the slide didn't end up being too scary either.

All in all our Memorial Day weekend was pretty great. We spent it with several different types of heroes. Though the weekend was fun, we experienced novel opportunities, and met some great new friends. But throughout the entire weekend, as the wife and daughter of soldiers, the reason for the holiday weekend was never forgotten.

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