Monday, August 22, 2011

Bird's Eye Chef's Favorites Review

When I was little, I hated vegetables.

Oh, who am I kidding?? I still pretty much hate vegetables.

At least now though, I can force myself to eat them. But when I was little, man oh man!!

My mother and I used to get in the biggest struggles because of vegetables. She thought I should eat them, I thought otherwise. So I would sit at the dining room table for hours after everyone else was done because I refused to eat them.

Then, I got smart! I started finding ways to conceal the vegetables without having to eat them (sadly, we didn't have a dog). I used to put them back with the leftovers. Or I would wrap them in my napkin and throw them away. But I couldn't just toss them on the top of the trash mom would check for that. So I wrapped them up and dug them down halfway into the bin. I think this was the most successful strategy.

Now that I'm an adult and I have a kiddo (OMG! I mean KiddoS!) of my own, I am facing the same struggles of trying to get her to eat vegetables.

So when Foodbuzz contacted me about trying these Bird's Eye Chef's Favorites Steamfresh veggies, I jumped at the chance. I keep trying different ways to get Little Butt (and myself) to eat veggies so I thought I would try these out.

I was sent four bags of veggies of three different types.

The first one we tried was the Roasted Red Potatoes & Green Beans in Parmesan Olive Oil Sauce. The Hubble tried it and ran far away. However, my Mother in Law, My Sister and My Self thought they were great! The potatoes were tender without falling apart. The green beans were still crunchy without being waxy. And the sauce was subtle and flavorful. I love Parmesan and the flavor was just right. The sauce wasn't heavy either. I expected a more creamy sauce, but it was nice and light. Loved this bag!

The second type we tried was the Creamed Spinach. Now...I love spinach. However, when I got pregnant with Baby N, I realized the one taste aversion I had was my beloved spinach. But I gave this a try anyway. I was not thrilled. I don't know if it's still leftover pregnancy taste buds or if I just didn't like it. My Mother in Law thought it was decent (though she said it needed a little salt). She ended up stirring hers into her spaghetti and she thought it was splendid that way. I wish I had done that because I love adding spinach to pasta dishes. Sadly, I was beige about this bag.

The final flavor I tried was the Mushroom & Green Bean Risotto. I had high hopes for this one because I love mushrooms and I love risotto. I'm glad to say that it didn't disappoint (though I didn't heat it enough). The only critique I have about this was that I felt like the green beans were throw aways. You couldn't even tell they were there. But maybe that's a good thing for veggie dislikers like me?? The taste was pretty heavy on the mushroom flavor so you would definitely need to be a mushroom lover to enjoy this side. But I ate it all by myself. I definitely loved this bag!

What I really enjoy about this product is that each bag heats in the microwave for about 5 minutes. It's incredibly quick and easy to get a healthy side dish on the table now that school has started. However, don't run out to buy these today...they don't come out until September! But when you see them, I think you should definitely give them a try...except maybe the spinach...but that's probably just me. LOL! I've read other reviews where it was really loved. So it probably really is just me.

Anyway. I hope you enjoyed this review! Feel free to ask any questions you may have! I will answer what I can!

As part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program, I was sent four free bags of Bird's Eye Chef's Favorites Steamfresh bags to try. The thoughts provided are my own.
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