Monday, January 3, 2011

Guest Post: Uncork & Unwined

This is my first post for 2011!!!

Seriously. Where did 2010 go??

I know I've asked that before, but it seems no one can answer my question.

I am currently sitting in El Paso, TX at my in-laws house.

When we came into town it was snowing like crazy! Who knew they got snow in El Paso!!!

So while I'm continuing to be a complete internet and computer slacker, I am making other people do the work for me and keep my poor little blog company. LOL!

Today I present to you Kendra from Uncork & Unwined.

Kendra is another military spouse that I found through the blogosphere.

But let me tell you, her blog is one of the most awesome that I found in 2010.

Not only does Kendra live in Germany (picture chronicling her many travels through Europe) but she also talks about wine, coffee and shares recipes with her readers. I mean, come on...she won me over with the wine and coffee. The recipes are an added bonus. But I will admit I get incredibly slightly jealous when I see the pictures of the gorgeous European sites she visits.

To top off all those amazing qualities in Kendra's blog, she is also super sweet. Pretty much as sweet (if not sweeter) as these little balls of oreo heaven she has to share with us today!

Thanks for the recipe Kendra! Take it away!

This is my first time guest blogging for the fabulous Maranda. I am a huge fan of her and her blogs. When she asked me to guest post for her I was so flattered. I love to cook and bake, though I mostly post dessert recipes on my own blog. This recipe is no exception. It has been a huge hit every time I've made it. It is super easy to make and so delicious. It also makes a ton so you can share (or not!).

Oreo Truffles
Courtesy of: Kraft

1 pkg. of Oreos
1 pkg. of Baker's white chocolate baking squares
8 oz. cream cheese, softened

So, before I get started let me tell you that as with most good stories in my life, there is a back story here. The day before J's birthday party I spent the entire day baking. I had several treats to make that day and most required the use of a microwave. Our microwave was a loaner from the base, huge, loud, inefficient and without a precise timing function. In short, I wasnt a fan of it. It worked well enough until the day I really needed it to work. As I was in the middle of melting chocolates for this dessert the microwave stopped working. Completely. stopped. working. So I turned to my stovetop and attempted to melt the chocolate that way. Our stove heats quickly and gets extremely hot. So of course I burned the chocolate. Thankfully, I had a box of white chocolates in reserve and used those instead. I borrowed my neighbors microwave and was able to finish my treats. Ive made these truffles with semi-sweet chocolate and white chocolate and while they are good with both, I actually like them with white chocolate better. I might not have discovered that if my microwave hadnt broken, so I guess it was a blessing in disguise. (And we received a MUCH better microwave when I took the broken one back!)

Three simple ingredients

I took this picture prior to burning the semi-sweet chocolate. Ha!

1. Crush the Oreos in a medium bowl. I used a food processor, but you can use a freezer bag and a can of soup. 

2. Mix 3 cups of Oreos with the cream cheese. Reserve the rest of the crumbs for later.

3. Roll into 1 inch balls and place on wax paper lined cookie sheets.

4. Dip each truffle in white chocolate and place back on wax-paper lined cookie sheet. I used a fork to dip them into the chocolate.  

5. Sprinkle each truffle with remaining Oreo crumbs. 

6. Enjoy! 

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